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Clippings.io is the easy way to organise your Kindle highlights. Spend less time note taking and more time enjoying the things you've read.

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The easy way to export your Kindle Highlights

Whether you are a student, author, academic or casual reader clippings.io provides all of the functionality you'll need to manage the highlights you make on your Kindle.

Import your Kindle Highlights

Import your Kindle highlights using the chrome extension or by uploading your 'my clippings.txt' file on the Kindle device via the Import page

Import Kindle highlights made on any device
Imports the Kindle highlights made on your Kindle or on the Amazon Kindle reader app running on your favorite iOS, Android or Windows device.
Import Kindle highlights made on Amazon books and personal documents.
Use the chrome extension to import your Kindle highlights made on Amazon purchased books or use the Import page to upload your 'my clippings.txt' file and import the highlights made on your personal documents.
Intelligent Import
Import from multiple Kindle devices or the browser extension and the intelligent import routine automatically deduplicates your Kindle highlights.

Export your Kindle Highlights

Export your Kindle Highlights to your favorite integrations or download them in multiple formats.

Export your Kindle Highlights
Import your Kindle Highlights into your favorite integrations including Evernote, Dropbox, One Drive, One Note, Google Drive. Download your Kindle Highlights to popular file formats like PDF, Word, Excel and text.
Automated Exports
Export your Kindle Highlights automatically to your favorite integrations whenever you import your highlights.
Advanced export formatting options
Define exactly how you would like your Kindle highlights to be formatted including options for citation styles (Chicago, MLA, APA) and the ability to include tags and notes.
Kindle Highlights Export Integrations

Organise your Kindle Highlights

Organise and edit all your Kindle highlights using the powerful Kindle highlights editor

Edit your Kindle highlights
Edit your Kindle highlights directly in the browser and add additional notes.
Tag and organise your highlights
Tag and organise your Kindle highlights into collections. Clippings.io becomes your Commonplace book to manage everything you've ever read.
Search your Kindle Highlights
Search all your Kindle highlights across all the books you've ever highlighted instantly.

What the press is saying...

Kindle Highlights Vox there is a better way to read


Clippings.io will export your Kindle notes and highlights in usable, searchable form — and then plug them directly into Evernote, so they're available whenever you need them, and sortable in every way you might imagine. The difference here is profound: My Kindle highlights have gone from being available if I can remember what book they're in to discoverable if I simply remember any word from the highlight.

Clippings.io Ezra Klein Small
Ezra Klein
Editor-in-chief, Vox.com

Clippings.io (and the export to Evernote) is an essential part of my research and writing and process. Having all my highlights and notes in a searchable form is game-changing.

What our customers are saying...

The Clippings.io Chrome extension has thousands of happy customers with an average review of 4.6 stars out of 5 Here are a few of the reviews.

Clippings.io Chrome Extension
Steve Parker photo
Steve Parker

This is fantastic for anyone who uses a Kindle and highlights and creates notes in their books. Brilliant!!!!!! http://t.co/CW30t5kfbC

rhkennerly photo

Clippings.IO is the book nerd, researcher's dream. Finally I can get all of my Kindle Notes off of Amazon and into the Evernote where I can use them in articles and research. Amazing and worth the small price. Superb. My first run, it took 3600 notes from Amazon and imported them perfectly into Evernote. I've never had C.IO fail me.

paul limpert photo
paul limpert

I read and highlight voraciously therefore this extension is absolutely essential to my work and studies. If you are someone who reviews your notes and highlights on a regular basis I couldn't imagine a better extension out there, I have literally hundreds of book notes and highlights that I refer to often and the extension works great every time.

Want to try the Chrome Extension? Install for free today.

What twitter is saying...

Steve Parker photo
Steve Parker


This is fantastic for anyone who uses a Kindle and highlights and creates notes in their books. Brilliant!!!!!! http://t.co/CW30t5kfbC

Self Publishing Hero photo
Self Publishing Hero


Brilliant! @clippingsio exports Kindle notes and highlights in searchable form to @evernote http://t.co/uTAWZw9pn9 #loveatfirstsight

Florent Crivello photo
Florent Crivello


Now that I use @clippingsio and Amazon's cloud reader, paper books look completely useless to me.

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Start remembering what you read. Export your highlights to all your favorite integrations. There is a better way to read, and I have found it - Ezra Klein, Editor-in-chief, Vox.com.

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Frequently asked questions

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How can I import my Kindle Highlights into Clippings.io?
Simply use the Clippings.io Browser Extension or upload your 'my clippings.txt' file on the Import page
Which Kindle versions do you support?
We support of all the versions of the Amazon Kindle. If you are importing via the Clippings.io Google Chrome Extension we support all the Kindle versions as well as any device which supports the various Kindle reader apps , for example, the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. If you are importing via your 'My Clippings.txt' file we support all the Kindle versions which create a clippings file. For more information of the Kindle family of ereaders please refer to this wikipedia page
How do I export my Kindle Highlights?
Exporting your Kindle highlights has never been so easy. Simply go to the export page and choose the destination integration or file format.
Can I import Kindle Highlights and Notes made on personal documents (non-Amazon documents)?
Yes. Please see our blog post How to save Kindle highlights in personal documents