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Self Publishing Hero


Brilliant! @clippingsio exports Kindle notes and highlights in searchable form to @evernote http://t.co/uTAWZw9pn9 #loveatfirstsight

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Florent Crivello

Now that I use @clippingsio and Amazon's cloud reader, paper books look completely useless to me.

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Leigh Turland


Clippings.io makes digital reading and research insanely accessible in most of the ways we always wished for http://t.co/oWKzNLjjBt

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Len Edgerly


I've just exported my kindle notes using http://t.co/Y0BHrTOrtv #kindle #learning http://t.co/Y0BHrTOrtv via @myclippings

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"There is a better way to read on the internet, and I have found it" http://t.co/CkmGi1QxBS

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Diana Kimball

Today, @ezraklein published a piece on @voxdotcom about our now-identical highlighting systems: http://t.co/5XdLaos3Cp Top internet moment.

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Brendan LeFebvre


Been grumpy for YEARS about @AmazonKindle poor annotation mgmt tools. Then today I discovered @clippingsio <3 pic.twitter.com/MciGwFhxMt

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Personal Clarity


Using this to save my Kindle notes & highlights. Solves a big problem. Yes, works as advertised. Clippings.io https://t.co/CMlMV3w7K0

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Steve Is Reading


How to turn information into knowledge with Reflect and Clippings.io <a href="http://t.co/FWmWKfmD9Q"></a> via <a href="@instapaper"

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Miloslav Nic


Clippings.io - #Kindle to #Evernote in the blink of an eye [EcoMole Blog] http://t.co/wdEztEzPm7 @clippingsio pic.twitter.com/ylnvOLCbwH

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Graeme de Bruyn


Export your Kindle Highlights with http://t.co/ebwxTjGT4N #Kindle via @clippingst is just an awesome resource.

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Steven Banks


@ecomole_com @clippiingsever @clippingsio Just a GREAT piece of so몭ware and tool for #EverNote #Kindle users!

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Prateeksha S


#Organize #notes made on #Amazon #Kindle with @clippingsio ! How awesome is that!

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Prem Panicker


And finally for today: If you are like me, and annotate Kindle heavily — try this: https://clippings.io — all clips to Evernote. w00t!

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Save your Kindle Notes and Highlights - MyClippings.txt https://t.co/1w38y9M3tb

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Clayton B. Cornell


@clippingsio such a great app, thanks for building it!

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Chris Cox


Worky tip: If you make notes on Kindle books, http://t.co/mLHzrow21M seems a good tool much better than Amazon's UI pic.twitter.com/UrbwKiAFF1

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Darryl Kraemer


Great to find @clippingsio - this is a great idea that I was thinking about over the wknd. Sync your Kindle notes to Evernote.

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This service saved my bacon by exporting kindle notes a몭er book I made failed http://t.co/Sbqobbcwo8 #kindle #learning

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https://t.co/BMyD8XMMGZ Do you have a Kindle? Do you take a lot of notes? You might find this useful - I'm... http://t.co/D7IuiVmtcO

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Stephen Forster


Brilliant. Save Kindle notes to @evernote and organise them with @clippingsio Perfect to link these two apps

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Steve Parker


This is fantastic for anyone who uses a Kindle and highlights and creates notes in their books. Brilliant!!!!!! http://t.co/CW30t5kfbC

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Diana Kimball


@clippingsio Thank you for reading! I'm very happy that the service exists, and more than willing to give feedback in the future if helpful.

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Luca Conti


@strickvl for Kindle clipping, I would recommend https://t.co/r17W7b9vZ9 nice tool and congrats for Your blog/podcast :-)

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"@clippingamazon: Edit your Kindle Notes with http://t.co/XBSl8iyVWb #Kindle" I suggest it @Snor09

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I recommend @clippingsio to export #note #highlights #quote from #ebook & #pdf made on the #kindle. Works even if doc not bought on amz.

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Jerry Dugan


Checking out @clippingsio right now. This MIGHT be a little easier than what @MichaelHyatt shared. Thanks!

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Malcolm Murray


Finally figured out how to get Kindle highlights into Evernote: Clippings.io!

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Daniel Sollero


Clippings.io - Ferramenta incrà vel para salvar suas anotaçÃμes feitas em livros no Kindle http://t.co/ol7zE14hLe

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Christophe Rosseel


@clippingsio Happy to, I love your product.

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Organizza i passaggi sottolineati da Kindle: Adoro Clippings.io perché puoi… http://goo.gl/fb/q0MKnP #comunicazione

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Et j'exporte ce fichier de notes sur https://t.co/EZKdwvq9GX qui permet d'éditer et d'exporter les notes par bouquins sous format word/pdf.

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Adriana Amado


@maxibongio me recomendó clippings.io y mi vida textual cambió para siempre

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Jérémie Pottier


Envoyer ses « highlights » Kindle dans Evernote. Principe simple mais super puissant quand on utilise les tags : https://clippings.io

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Valentà n Muro


El ecosistema clippings.io + Evernote para ordenar las anotaciones de Kindle es una maravilla.

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Brett @ FineTune


@amahnke ahhh I see. You should check out clippings.io if you haven't already.

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Taylor Pearson


@clippingsio @paulorrj - got it, thanks guys. Awesome product overall. Thanks for all the hard work!

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Lori Bailey


I've always been frustrated by the way my Kindle highlights show up on Amazon, so @clippingsio is a welcome find!

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Jiminy Panoza


Pour ceux qui prennent beaucoup de notes sur Kindle : https://clippings.io (cc @david_bosman @fbon )

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Torsten Larbig


@mrgnz Das geht auch auf anderen Plattformen. Seit ich https://clippings.io kenne, kann ich Kindle-Anmerkungen optimal nutzen. #EDchatDE

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Świat Czytników


Clippings Converter to teraz Clippings.io – nadal ułatwia przeglądanie podkreśleń z Kindle http://bit.ly/1lDZnEs

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José Velasco


clippingsconverter, the best app to manage kindle notes & highlights has a new website: http://t.co/HGlysDh03u @clippingsio